About Us

About ABSOLUTE 360

Our Story

Welcome to ABSOLUTE360® Clothing & Apparel.

The ABSOLUTE360® journey began in 2013 when Umberto Bergonzini, a sports enthusiast, resolved to follow his passion and create a multifunctional line of clothing which could be worn for a variety of sporting activities, from running, yoga, gym to extreme sports like skiing or snowboarding.

Having been introduced to infrared clothing back in 2009, Umberto had personally experienced the benefit of this innovative textile for himself, for better performance and quicker recovery.

The opportunity to start the business came along and Umberto grabbed it with both hands. ABSOLUTE360® has slowly but steadily been growing and now we are the UK’s leading supplier of far infrared performance clothing and sports supports.


Our Mission

At ABSOLUTE360® our mission is simple and clear: we want to create products that offer everyone an improved physical and physiological state of well-being. So whatever your chosen activity may be a stroll by the sea, cycling to work or the demands of competitive sport – we aim to have a product for you.

Wear ABSOLUTE360® during any physical activity for more power and endurance, as a recovery aid after exercise, when recovering from injury, or every day for improved well-being and as part of a healthy life style.

We specialise in the field of far infrared emitting clothing and apparel, helping you achieve your goals, whatever they are!


From Italy to Devon to Shipping Worldwide

Our physical location is in the ancient stannary and market town of Tavistock on the edge of the beautiful Dartmoor National Park.

All ABSOLUTE360® products are fully developed, designed and made in Italy from start to finish. The products are the result of Italian experience, craft and sartorial skills.

All the yarns, materials and technologies used in making ABSOLUTE360® products have been chosen and tested with the greatest care.

Thanks to the care, manufacturing processes and finish, each garment is hard wearing and comfortable to wear, like a second skin!


The Future

Innovation is our lifeblood. ABSOLUTE360® is committed to being the premier product specialist in the field of far infrared emitting clothing and apparel.

ABSOLUTE360® clothing and apparel are at the cutting edge of technology in textile innovation. Our passion for making high quality gear is the driving force behind our company.

We take nothing for granted, constantly researching new solutions, new materials and challenging ourselves to provide unparalleled clothing and apparel.

We see a bright future for intelligent fabric and aim to be at the forefront of this new clothing revolution. The difference is INFRARED.