Meet Our Founder

ABSOLUTE360® was initially founded by Umberto Bergonzini in 2013 as a passion project. An avid runner and sports enthusiast, Umberto was introduced to infrared sports apparel in 2009. As he personally experienced the benefits of this innovative textile for performance and recovery, Umberto developed ABSOLUTE360® to share his own experience with the wider UK market.


Since founding ABSOLUTE360®, Umberto has worked tirelessly to spread the word about the benefits that infrared technology can have on the body, such as better performance, faster recovery, and an improved physical and physiological state of well-being.


Here are a few words from our founder:

I grew up in Italy until my mid-twenties when I moved to England. From a very young age, I was a keen sportsman who particularly loved outdoor sports. As I grew older, I found my real passions – jujitsu, running, cycling, and snowboarding – which I still take part in religiously these days.


Passion, performance, and comfort have always been at the heart of my sporting career, so starting an apparel brand founded on these principles was the obvious choice.


As a father, sustainability is important to me, and it was clear from the very beginning that I wanted ABSOLUTE360® to stand away from fast-fashion sportswear brands. This is why the brand focuses on timeless and minimalist designs that deliver performance and comfort.


ABSOLUTE360® is built to last and enjoyed for years.