Product Information FAQ

How long will my ABSOLUTE360 products last?

Following the washing instructions will ensure long life and wear from your products. The far infrared fibre will continue to perform throughout the life of the products unaffected by use or washing.


Are they any side effects from wearing far infrared clothing?

There are no known side effects from wearing far infrared clothing and apparel. These products should not be used as a substitute for medical care but as an excellent supplement to it. Always seek professional medical advice for the diagnosis and treatment of pain, injury or illness.


Is there an age limit for wearing ABSOLUTE360 products?

No. ABSOLUTE360 products can be worn by, and are beneficial for, people of all ages.


When should I wear ABSOLUTE360 products?

During any physical activity for more power and endurance.

As a recovery aid after exercise.

When recovering from injury.

Every day for improved well-being and as part of a healthy life style.


How long can I wear my body support for?

During recovery and rehabilitation, we strongly recommend wearing your body support as much as possible, ideally 24/7, but at least every day for a minimum of 6/8 hours a day. ABSOLUTE360 products are designed to be comfortable to wear, like a second skin. You should find your ABSOLUTE360 body support product comfortable to wear until full rehabilitation has taken place.


How often should I wear ABSOLUTE360 products?

ABSOLUTE360 products have been designed to enhance the natural function of the body, they can be worn 24/7. All ABSOLUTE360 range of products have been specifically designed to provide ultimate comfort and functionality, your ideal everyday wear. Make it your second skin!


Can ABSOLUTE360 products be worn as base layers?

Of course. ABSOLUTE360 products are designed with ultimate comfort and function in mind. The emission of far infrared keeps the body thermo-regulated. The circulatory system is also the body’s heating and cooling regulator. By optimizing blood flow, FIR waves make it easier for the body to maintain its ideal temperature.


How do I wear the ABSOLUTE360 products?

For best results, they must be worn next to the skin for infrared transmission to work.


Do ABSOLUTE360 products start to work immediately?

Yes they do, although to obtain the best effects offered by the far infrared emitting fibre, the products should be worn 24/7 where possible, or for at least 6/8 hours a day, every day. When you stop wearing the products, the body will stop receiving the benefit of far infrared stimulation. All ABSOLUTE360 range of products have been designed specifically for this purpose. Make it your second skin and reap the benefits.


How long does it take to feel the effects of ABSOLUTE360 products?

As soon as the garment is worn, the interaction between the fabric and the skin starts, gradually promoting improved blood circulation and increased oxygen levels within the tissues. The time it takes to feel the effect varies depending on the symptoms one has, how long one has had the symptoms and one’s personal health condition. Remember that it is important to wear your ABSOLUTE360 product for as long as possible to maximise the benefit of far infrared. In some cases, it may take several weeks to get the best results.


What are ABSOLUTE360 products made from?

ABSOLUTE360 clothing and apparel is made from a polyamide 66 based yarn with bioactive minerals incorporated in its polymeric matrix.

This matrix was derived after a long period of intense research, assessed through recognised scientific protocols. This yarn makes it possible for us to create bioactive apparels that promote a new level of interaction between the fabric and the skin.


Where are the ABSOLUTE360 products manufactured?

All ABSOLUTE360 products are designed and made in Italy. You are guaranteed the highest quality and level of craftsmanship.


What’s the difference between ABSOLUTE360 products and other FIR clothing?

ABSOLUTE360 clothing and apparel are at the cutting edge of technology in textile innovation. The fibre, used to manufacture our clothing and orthopaedic supports, is combined with bioactive minerals that are incorporated into its polymeric matrix, forming its DNA. This offers clear advantages over technologies that use coated textiles.