Time Has Flown

Time Has Flown

What have we been up to?

It is already autumn! Time has flown. For this blog post, I have decided to deviate from the usual posts about wellness, fitness and healthy lifestyle and instead, tell you what we have been up to.


Since the inception of ABSOLUTE 360, we have constantly been adding to our current product lines and improving our existing product range; be it a new label design, improved packaging or in certain cases the garments themselves.


We have had a very productive and busy summer and all our time and effort has gone into finalising quite a few products that will be made available on our online store and in shops in the next few weeks.


We can hear your excitement! We won’t keep you in suspense any longer…


Infrared Calf Sleeves

One of the exciting new products we are launching later this year came from a conversation about cramp! Back in the spring, one of the team had been on a long bike ride and was suffering from cramp in his calf. This led us to the realisation that a dedicated product for the calf would be a great asset to our Body Support product range.


Calf sleeves have become very popular in the last couple of years. You will often see runners – and especially triathletes – wearing them. Our market research has shown there are already various brands – young as well as more established ones – selling this kind of product. What our market research has also shown is that the common denominator seem to be the same across all of them: compression.


Our USP, which spans across all of our products, is the yarn that we use to manufacture the products. This innovative fibre is able to interact with the human body, promoting body stimulation – to learn more read the benefits and applications of far infrared clothing.


How could we use this yarn in a unique calf guard? The development team started to look at how the calf sleeve should be constructed and started to “play” with various ideas. The result of various in-depth testing on the field is a calf sleeve that is made from far infrared emitting fibre, which provides graduated compression and is constructed with a specific pattern to provide a dynamic micro-massage to the calf. The latter is especially useful during recovery time.


We are very excited to be able to add the ABSOLUTE 360 Calf Sleeves to the Body Support range, which will be available for purchase in the new year.


Infrared No-Show Socks

Our 24/7 Socks product line already has knee high socks, ankle high socks and trainer socks. An issue that was raised by some of our customers was the wish to be able to reap the benefits of wearing far infrared socks with certain kind of shoes, trainers, pumps or ballerina style shoes.


After some discussion on viability, we were able to develop and successfully test some fabulous new no-show socks. These have proved very popular here in the office especially with the ladies who wear Converse type trainers. The no-show socks have also been given the nickname of “invisible socks” and will be available for purchase from the end of November.


Infrared Palm and Wrist Support

The feedback we receive from our customers is important to us because it enables us to improve and continue to deliver high quality products and develop new ones.


This has been the case for this new product. We looked at our customer feedback and realised that whilst the wrist support was receiving very positive reviews, we had been asked if we could develop a support that also covered the palm of the hand. Often the pain from the wrist can extend into the palm especially for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI from working at the computer, wrist osteoarthritis or wrist rheumatoid arthritis.


So, the third new product we have been researching, developing and testing has been a palm and wrist support which will also be available for purchase from the end of November.


Exciting times ahead

As you can see, whilst some people were relaxing in the sun, we were busy developing and testing new products in order to expand our current product range and meet our customer requirements.


Thank you to all our customers for your reviews and suggestions. You are all helping to shape the future of ABSOLUTE 360.


As I look around the office I see the neck tubes appearing as the chill sets in. Autumn in all its glory is here and we are all glad of our extra layers in the t-shirt and leggings.

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